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How to Play

1. Pick the Competition you want to enter.


2. Answer the question of skill correctly.


3. Select the quantity of tickets you would like to buy.


4. Register or choose to continue as Guest.


5. Continue to payment gateway and complete payment.


7. All numbers are randomly selected and if you answer the question of skill correctly your number (s) will be emailed through to you. If you do not answer the question of skill correctly you will receive an email receipt to say you have been unsuccessful this time and this will still result in any entrant being charged.


How the winner is picked and when the draws go live

1. Once the timer on the competition is complete the draw will go ahead. A live stream via Facebook will be held and the winner will be selected using googles random number generator.


How to collect your prize

1. The winner will be contacted to let them know they have won and arrange a suitable time for them to arrange collection OR we offer FREE delivery to anywhere in Northern Ireland. (collection from mainland UK only or can be delivered for a fee) The winner's photo will be uploaded within 3 days into the Winner's Gallery 

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