Drawn on Mon 25 March

Hogwarts Castle Lego

£1.99per entry

Being purchased: 0 tickets

Winner NameTicket NumberDraw Date
Glenn Davidson 485 25/03/2024

Ticket NumberDateName
12024-03-21 12:19:33Michael Siddon
32024-03-21 14:46:10Seamus Reehill
42024-03-25 20:02:01Jason Mullen
52024-03-16 16:43:35George Dayton
62024-03-24 21:43:08Jodie Totten
72024-03-25 19:00:51Martin Neville
92024-03-25 20:11:48Jack Ridgewell
152024-03-25 20:57:17William Rowell
192024-03-25 21:21:42B Kelly
212024-03-22 07:42:08Gary Mellett
222024-03-25 14:17:02Jordan Hartin
242024-03-25 19:18:34Steven lafferty
262024-03-25 14:35:39Jordan Hartin
292024-03-25 21:11:45Daniel Jermy
332024-03-25 17:02:57Fergal Meagher
352024-03-25 20:32:34Declan Finn
372024-03-25 19:00:51Martin Neville
382024-03-23 19:09:00Jo Bannister
442024-03-25 22:52:24Reece Bagnall
452024-03-25 19:43:48Andrew HEARD
462024-03-24 21:43:08Jodie Totten
522024-03-25 20:35:14Jake Rafferty
552024-03-25 14:17:02Jordan Hartin
582024-03-20 22:36:15DR Stirrat
592024-03-25 19:40:11Cathal Toner
602024-03-25 20:35:14Jake Rafferty
682024-03-25 21:11:45Daniel Jermy
692024-03-24 15:43:50Steven Lea
722024-03-25 16:23:22Jordan Baxter
752024-03-21 22:23:36peter steele
772024-03-25 14:17:02Jordan Hartin
782024-03-24 15:43:50Steven Lea
832024-03-24 12:14:48Clive Hetherington
922024-03-16 16:43:35George Dayton
942024-03-24 20:18:24Adela Helesiova
952024-03-19 23:02:29Fraser Cowan
962024-03-21 21:28:10John McSweeney
1022024-03-25 11:00:11TARA Snow
1052024-03-25 17:02:57Fergal Meagher
1062024-03-25 21:18:04Killian Corrigan
1072024-03-23 13:04:29Leanne Fisher
1092024-03-25 19:00:51Martin Neville
1152024-03-25 19:00:51Martin Neville
1162024-03-25 20:53:33Leah Cox
1232024-03-25 09:01:50Conal McCartan
1282024-03-17 11:37:45Noel Quigley
1302024-03-25 20:32:34Declan Finn
1312024-03-21 21:28:10John McSweeney
1332024-03-25 21:11:45Daniel Jermy
1342024-03-16 22:52:35Seosamh Breathnach
1402024-03-25 14:20:11Matthew Sequenza
1412024-03-18 12:08:33DR Stirrat
1442024-03-25 19:00:51Martin Neville
1462024-03-25 13:27:26Will Nock
1532024-03-25 20:34:10Jennifer Hoather
1562024-03-21 21:28:10John McSweeney
1592024-03-21 21:28:10John McSweeney
1612024-03-25 22:47:27Andris Mednis
1622024-03-21 21:28:10John McSweeney
1642024-03-25 19:00:51Martin Neville
1682024-03-20 22:36:15DR Stirrat
1702024-03-20 21:46:25Martin Mc Govern
1742024-03-25 07:19:33Bea Barnard
1752024-03-23 12:03:11Neil McDonald
1772024-03-25 19:00:51Martin Neville
1792024-03-25 22:35:11Chris Clark
1802024-03-24 11:39:38Barnaby britton
1842024-03-25 20:35:14Jake Rafferty
1852024-03-20 22:36:15DR Stirrat
1862024-03-25 21:20:24Lee Gibson
1902024-03-16 16:43:35George Dayton
1912024-03-18 10:41:50John Whigham
1982024-03-21 14:28:47Greg Baker
1992024-03-23 13:05:06Joshua Andrews
2002024-03-25 19:00:51Martin Neville
2042024-03-25 22:41:22Sharon Morley
2052024-03-20 22:36:15DR Stirrat
2062024-03-18 13:30:17Paul Watmore
2072024-03-25 20:11:48Jack Ridgewell
2122024-03-24 10:44:17Lucy Johns
2152024-03-25 07:41:11Damian Hernandez
2212024-03-25 19:25:32Niall andrew Maiben
2222024-03-25 22:15:34Eddie McLaughlin
2262024-03-25 22:43:08Andris Mednis
2302024-03-25 20:32:34Declan Finn
2332024-03-25 20:35:14Jake Rafferty
2342024-03-24 21:31:57Graeme Hastie
2422024-03-25 11:00:11TARA Snow
2432024-03-25 07:43:25carrie dixon
2442024-03-21 14:28:47Greg Baker
2462024-03-25 20:44:12katie connolly
2472024-03-16 16:43:35George Dayton
2482024-03-22 19:13:00John James Mcnally
2492024-03-25 19:43:48Andrew HEARD
2512024-03-25 20:44:12katie connolly
2542024-03-25 19:00:51Martin Neville
2562024-03-25 19:00:51Martin Neville
2572024-03-25 11:00:11TARA Snow
2582024-03-25 14:17:02Jordan Hartin
2612024-03-25 22:43:08Andris Mednis
2622024-03-21 21:28:10John McSweeney
2652024-03-25 14:35:39Jordan Hartin
2672024-03-24 21:43:08Jodie Totten
2732024-03-25 22:41:22Sharon Morley
2742024-03-21 21:28:10John McSweeney
2792024-03-20 15:27:20Larah Graham
2802024-03-25 21:08:54Brad Stacey
2822024-03-25 16:05:14Leigh Twist
2832024-03-25 20:12:01Yazdan Moftakhari Garousmehr
2842024-03-25 19:43:48Andrew HEARD
2872024-03-21 16:21:28Don Johnston
2892024-03-25 14:35:39Jordan Hartin
2902024-03-25 20:32:34Declan Finn
2922024-03-25 19:00:51Martin Neville
2932024-03-17 11:40:42Jamie Cameron
2952024-03-25 22:39:51George Dayton
3002024-03-25 20:02:36Paul White
3012024-03-22 03:54:34Charles Hardy
3032024-03-25 19:00:51Martin Neville
3062024-03-25 20:11:48Jack Ridgewell
3072024-03-25 17:02:57Fergal Meagher
3142024-03-18 13:30:17Paul Watmore
3152024-03-25 20:35:14Jake Rafferty
3192024-03-21 21:28:10John McSweeney
3202024-03-17 11:43:00Ashley WARREN-SMITH
3222024-03-24 16:01:59Gearoid O Brien
3232024-03-25 22:43:08Andris Mednis
3272024-03-25 21:07:02Curtis Hamilton
3292024-03-25 10:27:48Louis Boyle
3302024-03-24 20:16:12Andrew Parkinson
3312024-03-25 21:21:42B Kelly
3322024-03-25 22:47:27Andris Mednis
3342024-03-25 20:34:10Jennifer Hoather
3402024-03-20 22:36:15DR Stirrat
3412024-03-25 19:00:51Martin Neville
3422024-03-17 22:08:36Karen Stinson
3432024-03-25 21:55:10Monika Mrozek
3462024-03-25 14:35:39Jordan Hartin
3472024-03-21 21:28:10John McSweeney
3542024-03-21 20:20:27Brenda Mulholland
3552024-03-25 19:00:51Martin Neville
3622024-03-25 07:19:33Bea Barnard
3632024-03-17 14:45:37Lee Hewis
3672024-03-25 22:39:05Bronagh ODonnell
3682024-03-25 21:14:13Karen Warburton
3742024-03-25 21:39:29Liam Mulligan
3772024-03-25 10:27:48Louis Boyle
3782024-03-25 19:00:51Martin Neville
3832024-03-25 20:11:48Jack Ridgewell
3872024-03-25 22:35:11Chris Clark
3882024-03-25 22:47:27Andris Mednis
3942024-03-25 21:18:04Killian Corrigan
3952024-03-24 21:43:08Jodie Totten
3972024-03-25 14:17:02Jordan Hartin
4002024-03-25 21:55:10Monika Mrozek
4012024-03-25 21:29:03Julie Williams
4032024-03-25 21:18:04Killian Corrigan
4052024-03-22 20:59:13Jamie Lavelle
4082024-03-25 22:37:16Conor Lynch
4102024-03-24 15:43:50Steven Lea
4142024-03-25 22:15:34Eddie McLaughlin
4152024-03-25 22:18:51Holly Graham
4172024-03-25 19:00:51Martin Neville
4212024-03-18 09:10:29Danielle McCann
4222024-03-21 21:28:10John McSweeney
4262024-03-25 20:53:33Leah Cox
4302024-03-25 20:11:48Jack Ridgewell
4332024-03-25 14:35:39Jordan Hartin
4362024-03-17 11:49:57Alan Greer
4382024-03-25 19:00:51Martin Neville
4392024-03-22 20:07:30James O'Brien
4402024-03-25 19:00:51Martin Neville
4452024-03-23 19:09:00Jo Bannister
4472024-03-24 10:44:17Lucy Johns
4532024-03-24 14:06:34John Sweeney
4542024-03-24 19:31:27aaron Dolan
4562024-03-25 20:32:34Declan Finn
4572024-03-17 21:34:13Nigel Hadden
4602024-03-25 17:02:57Fergal Meagher
4612024-03-24 21:43:08Jodie Totten
4632024-03-25 20:54:23Cy Langton
4652024-03-24 22:39:19Alan Totten
4672024-03-25 19:00:51Martin Neville
4722024-03-25 19:43:48Andrew HEARD
4732024-03-25 11:00:11TARA Snow
4742024-03-25 22:15:34Eddie McLaughlin
4762024-03-25 20:31:14Amy Broadley
4802024-03-25 19:43:48Andrew HEARD
4822024-03-25 20:52:01Michael Strachan
4842024-03-21 14:46:10Seamus Reehill
4852024-03-25 20:43:18Glenn Davidson
4872024-03-25 22:43:08Andris Mednis
4922024-03-25 21:55:10Monika Mrozek
4942024-03-25 16:02:38Angela kay
4952024-03-25 19:00:51Martin Neville
4962024-03-25 21:21:42B Kelly
4972024-03-25 13:42:25Aoife Beggs

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LIVE DRAW TAKES PLACE REGARDLESS OF SELL OUT. COMPETITION WILL CLOSE SOONER IF ALL ENTRIES ARE SOLD. LIVE DRAW WILL TAKE PLACE ON OUR Facebook page. The Live draw and updates will be on the Pristine Competitions Facebook page! You will be allocated ticket number(s) at random when your order is confirmed and will receive the number(s) via email. The total amount of entries for this competition is shown on each Draw

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Each player can enter any competition a maximum of as per stated on each competition.

What if the competition timer runs out and the competition is not completed?

If the competition has not sold out within the time scale, the draw will still go ahead.

How long will it take to receive my prize if I win?

Pristine Competitions will make arrangements with the winner to arrange either collection or delivery.

Is the winning number selected completely at random?

We use Google’s Random Number Generator to select the winner of each competition so the winning number is is completely chosen at random, in a live stream on Facebook.

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