Drawn on Tue 02 April

Ninja Foodi MAX Dual Zone Air Fryer with Smart Cook System AF451UK #5

£1.99per entry

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Winner NameTicket NumberDraw Date
Lauren Campbell 279 02/04/2024

Ninja Foodi MAX Dual Zone Air Fryer with Smart Cook System AF451UK

Ticket NumberDateName
12024-04-02 19:00:08Leanne Dunlop
42024-03-29 12:14:56Graham McCrea
52024-04-02 20:46:57Richard Douglas
72024-04-02 20:25:42Sean Connor
82024-04-02 22:15:02Thomas Dutch
122024-03-29 03:36:51George Dayton
142024-04-02 22:40:52Cy Langton
152024-04-02 21:01:58David Sloan
222024-04-02 21:58:51Paul Fitzgerald
232024-04-02 20:03:59Steven Marshall
242024-04-02 12:47:42Mark Cooke
252024-04-02 22:11:46Thomas McQuitty
302024-04-02 20:29:35Agnes Finta
322024-04-02 13:09:47Leigh Twist
332024-04-02 17:23:42Gilbert Wilson
382024-03-31 07:51:06Alan Cronin
452024-04-02 22:41:37Belinda Hamilton
462024-04-02 12:47:42Mark Cooke
472024-04-02 18:11:26JACQUELINE MCLOUGHLIN
482024-03-31 11:21:41Bernard Thompson
492024-04-02 21:10:16Mary Haran
512024-04-02 17:34:32Mark Hodson
522024-03-31 22:03:04patrick Coleman
532024-04-02 22:30:12B K
562024-04-01 09:07:33Laura Veitch
662024-04-02 17:23:42Gilbert Wilson
692024-03-31 21:25:33Leah Cox
712024-03-31 21:25:33Leah Cox
732024-03-31 22:03:04patrick Coleman
772024-04-02 21:01:58David Sloan
842024-04-02 21:35:34Matt Mccausland
852024-04-02 19:22:37Jason Hirst
872024-04-02 22:51:56Leigh Twist
902024-04-02 16:54:56Dylan McCrory
922024-03-30 00:30:08Mark Cooke
952024-04-02 21:24:39Andrew Farquharson
982024-03-28 20:55:15Conor Agnew
992024-04-02 20:03:59Steven Marshall
1012024-04-02 22:46:38Gina Haigh
1022024-03-25 20:30:37Pauric O Donnell
1042024-04-02 20:48:56Andy Berry
1062024-04-02 20:48:56Andy Berry
1072024-04-02 09:31:47Gavin Conere
1092024-04-02 21:24:12Michael Mckee
1142024-04-02 21:25:09Killian Corrigan
1152024-04-02 22:06:55Katie Jemison
1172024-04-02 21:05:14Simon Dowdall
1182024-03-30 08:10:22Nick Martin
1192024-04-02 18:49:52I Finally Get A Win
1202024-04-02 17:23:42Gilbert Wilson
1282024-04-02 22:29:28Charlie Rudkin
1312024-03-30 22:36:28Shaun McGill
1332024-04-02 22:48:00Brian Duffy
1362024-03-29 19:42:33Lauren Campbell
1372024-04-02 22:29:28Charlie Rudkin
1412024-04-02 19:06:40Anne Eakin
1442024-04-02 11:22:49David McCready
1472024-04-02 17:41:56Brett homer
1482024-03-27 19:10:38Luke Jones
1512024-04-02 21:12:13Fergal Meagher
1522024-04-02 21:05:14Simon Dowdall
1532024-04-02 22:05:31John Stewart
1562024-04-02 18:04:28Laura Osborn
1582024-04-02 18:11:26JACQUELINE MCLOUGHLIN
1632024-03-31 21:25:33Leah Cox
1662024-04-02 00:25:23Rachel Bloomfield
1752024-04-02 20:48:56Andy Berry
1782024-04-02 21:25:09Killian Corrigan
1812024-04-02 21:28:00David Mill
1882024-04-02 22:42:22Roxzannah MacDonald
1892024-04-02 17:23:42Gilbert Wilson
1912024-04-02 21:47:11James Davies
1922024-04-02 22:40:02Paul White
1952024-04-02 17:34:32Mark Hodson
1992024-04-02 22:15:17Wioleta Machura
2012024-04-02 17:34:32Mark Hodson
2032024-04-02 16:54:56Dylan McCrory
2082024-04-01 19:13:59helen crozier
2112024-03-31 22:48:18peter steele
2152024-04-01 21:07:21Danny Bradbury
2212024-04-02 22:52:32Colin Mellows
2222024-04-02 14:02:50Claire Mc
2252024-04-02 22:40:02Paul White
2262024-03-31 17:41:12Mary Coleman
2272024-04-02 22:11:46Thomas McQuitty
2322024-04-02 17:23:42Gilbert Wilson
2342024-04-02 22:41:37Belinda Hamilton
2372024-04-02 21:17:16Andrew Toogood
2392024-03-28 21:07:53Charlie O’Shea
2412024-03-25 18:53:16philip gould
2442024-04-02 22:35:50Paul McEneaney
2482024-04-01 20:44:31James Nicol
2502024-03-30 00:30:08Mark Cooke
2512024-04-02 17:23:42Gilbert Wilson
2592024-04-02 21:08:33Selina Ryan
2632024-04-02 22:30:03Ashlinn Donnelly
2662024-04-01 11:30:41Amy Turner
2672024-04-02 22:27:54Mark Morris
2742024-03-30 08:10:22Nick Martin
2762024-04-02 15:49:45Margaret Bremner
2772024-03-29 19:42:33Lauren Campbell
2792024-03-29 19:42:33Lauren Campbell
2832024-03-29 19:42:33Lauren Campbell
2852024-03-31 22:03:04patrick Coleman
2902024-04-02 22:11:46Thomas McQuitty
2932024-04-02 21:25:09Killian Corrigan
2962024-04-02 21:56:25Guy Garner
3002024-03-31 18:27:07Grace Cameron
3042024-04-02 22:30:12B K
3092024-03-29 21:20:34Ma Roberts
3102024-04-02 21:28:00David Mill
3152024-04-02 21:47:39Lewis Cleator
3162024-04-02 17:23:42Gilbert Wilson
3192024-04-02 22:30:12B K
3202024-04-02 21:25:09Killian Corrigan
3212024-04-02 20:48:56Andy Berry
3222024-04-02 00:48:40Jackie Gardner
3232024-04-02 21:01:58David Sloan
3242024-04-02 22:30:12B K
3252024-04-02 17:23:42Gilbert Wilson
3262024-04-02 21:33:15Charlotte Campbell
3272024-04-02 19:22:37Jason Hirst
3292024-04-02 21:56:25Guy Garner
3302024-04-02 17:23:42Gilbert Wilson
3312024-04-02 22:53:32Andrew O'CONNOR
3332024-04-02 17:23:42Gilbert Wilson
3352024-03-28 09:07:19Mary Rogers
3362024-04-02 18:08:09Tim EVANS
3432024-04-02 21:01:58David Sloan
3452024-03-28 20:50:57Steven Saunderson
3472024-04-02 21:48:35patrick Coleman
3482024-04-02 21:34:29Leon Boorer
3512024-04-02 22:06:55fergal Kerlin
3522024-04-02 20:07:39Thomas Guinan
3552024-03-31 22:03:04patrick Coleman
3582024-04-02 22:52:32Colin Mellows
3612024-03-26 11:24:35Brid Cotter
3632024-03-28 22:09:15Stuart Campbell
3652024-04-02 22:30:48Geraldine Mcclements
3662024-03-28 20:55:15Conor Agnew
3672024-03-30 09:20:24Alan Greer
3692024-04-01 09:07:33Laura Veitch
3732024-04-02 12:47:42Mark Cooke
3742024-04-02 21:01:58David Sloan
3772024-04-02 22:11:46Thomas McQuitty
3872024-04-01 19:38:26Darren Thelwall
3882024-03-31 14:16:39Michael Marsters
3892024-04-02 17:23:42Gilbert Wilson
3902024-04-02 22:47:39Andrew Rothwell
3942024-04-02 21:25:09Killian Corrigan
3962024-03-27 21:38:17Donna Houston
3972024-04-02 22:40:02Paul White
3982024-04-02 22:31:42Tanmoy Chakrabarty
4012024-03-31 22:03:04patrick Coleman
4022024-04-02 22:37:23David Hayes
4032024-03-30 00:30:08Mark Cooke
4042024-03-29 21:20:34Ma Roberts
4072024-03-31 21:25:33Leah Cox
4092024-03-31 02:15:32Anne Rice
4112024-04-02 20:48:56Andy Berry
4142024-04-02 17:23:42Gilbert Wilson
4162024-04-02 22:45:27Odran Casey
4182024-04-02 19:25:56Johannes Vorster
4192024-03-31 21:25:33Leah Cox
4242024-04-02 21:54:25Paul Dixon
4252024-04-02 22:35:50Paul McEneaney
4262024-03-31 22:51:13Wayne Reid
4282024-03-25 21:23:44James Wood
4302024-04-02 17:23:42Gilbert Wilson
4322024-03-28 17:05:43amie Winder
4332024-03-29 21:34:31Manon Roberts
4342024-03-31 21:25:33Leah Cox
4352024-03-28 17:26:08Nigel Gallagher
4362024-04-02 21:54:28Tyler Brockway
4382024-03-29 19:45:13noeleen Hughes
4402024-04-02 21:48:35patrick Coleman
4472024-03-29 06:48:48Christopher Guthrie
4502024-03-29 20:52:41Emma White
4512024-04-02 21:48:35patrick Coleman
4522024-04-01 13:03:23Gareth Jones
4542024-04-02 20:03:59Steven Marshall
4572024-04-02 21:49:10Taylor McNutt
4592024-04-02 00:25:23Rachel Bloomfield
4602024-04-02 21:12:13Fergal Meagher
4622024-04-02 22:30:12B K
4632024-04-02 19:25:56Johannes Vorster
4642024-04-02 21:34:29Leon Boorer
4652024-04-02 15:14:26Max Wills
4672024-04-02 17:34:32Mark Hodson
4702024-03-31 21:25:33Leah Cox
4722024-03-28 20:55:15Conor Agnew
4772024-04-02 22:49:13chris Thomson
4792024-04-02 17:23:42Gilbert Wilson
4812024-04-02 17:34:32Mark Hodson
4832024-03-27 21:10:41Darren Darren
4862024-03-25 19:54:10Tommy Dobbs
4872024-04-02 17:23:42Gilbert Wilson
4892024-04-02 20:10:45Tommy Dobbs
4942024-03-25 23:01:44Bernard Thompson
4962024-03-31 07:53:35rob anderson
4992024-04-02 22:11:46Thomas McQuitty

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LIVE DRAW TAKES PLACE REGARDLESS OF SELL OUT. COMPETITION WILL CLOSE SOONER IF ALL ENTRIES ARE SOLD. LIVE DRAW WILL TAKE PLACE ON OUR Facebook page. The Live draw and updates will be on the Pristine Competitions Facebook page! You will be allocated ticket number(s) at random when your order is confirmed and will receive the number(s) via email. The total amount of entries for this competition is shown on each Draw

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Each player can enter any competition a maximum of as per stated on each competition.

What if the competition timer runs out and the competition is not completed?

If the competition has not sold out within the time scale, the draw will still go ahead.

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Pristine Competitions will make arrangements with the winner to arrange either collection or delivery.

Is the winning number selected completely at random?

We use Google’s Random Number Generator to select the winner of each competition so the winning number is is completely chosen at random, in a live stream on Facebook.

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